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In the landscape of creatives, many work as one-person shops. Hype My Brand does things differently, we pair creatives and entrepreneurs and provide an appropriate selection for each product or brand. This way they only work within their expertise and we guarantee our clients the very best outcome. We prepare brands for the future together with our regular partners and freelancers.
Connecting the dots


During an intake we tackle the question at its core. Then the perfect fit of experts gets to work for you with a dose of experience, creativity and innovation. We bring the right people together and work according to our philosophy of open communication, close and trust.
Upscale businesses

We start by framing the business. We do that anytime, anywhere. Before we get to work, we look at an appropriate strategy. For us, a strong brand is much more than a visual discipline or innovative activation. We see it as a 360-degree communication design. We help brands identify their essence and strengthen their message. For that, a fresh strategy is always step one.

The strategy is done now. You might think that it is the time to go public, but wait a minute. First, we’ll take a close look at the brand identity. It has to be in perfect shape, so we like to focus on that. We believe in the effectiveness of clear communication and creative and fresh design. Without nonsense – so the branding of your business is rock solid. We know the magic of love at first sight, so we always design to make a visual impact. That way the client instantly falls in love with your brand.

We think it’s important that brands really stand for something and are future-proof, which is why we focus on the long term rather than short term. The combination of that strategic thinking and the creative visual identity are now being shaped through a marketing strategy according to our principles and insights. Is the strategy and identity of your business already set and done? Then we know how to take it to the next level. We fill in your brand and give it even more power.

Nice to meet! It’s time to shake hands with your target audience. Your business is ready to meet the customer. We don’t leave you alone, because through activations and events we also like to arrange the meeting between brand and audience. Are you already an established brand? Then we can also take care of everything, from planning to production.






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